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If you need a payday loan, you usually have to be prepared to submit a large number of documents. Many people even talk about a “paper war”, which is necessary to be able to borrow money from a financial institution. The heart of this “paper war” is the evidence it takes to convince the bank of the lending. However, there are also numerous variants of a loan without proof.

What proof is it exactly?

If you think about applying for a loan without proof, then the first question is what you really do not want to submit? This refers to the proof of own creditworthiness: The credit repayment ability is calculated by the net salary as well as the vital expenses. The form of employment also plays a decisive role. A credit without proof waives the salary statements, the employment contract and any loans that need to be repaid, because this money is one of the vital costs. In fact, this also means the end of the entry in the protection community for general credit protection (private credit), because this informed about existing loans by its scoring value.

The Dispo as the best option

The best way to get a loan without proof is for this reason the Dispo. The overdraft credit is usually granted by the respective bank only under consideration of the associated checking account. However, proof of this is unintentionally, because the bank can see what revenue accumulates on the account. The maximum disposition is at most banks at 250 percent of the monthly incoming income.

The loan with guarantors as a way for larger loans


However, if you need a larger sum through a loan without proof, then the Dispo does not help. In this case, a loan with a guarantor is obligatory, because only in this way the bank can be sure that it will really get back the money it lends. The financial institution will not get involved in anything less, because you have to realize that you do not want to tell the bank how to repay the loan. The borrower in such a case, he would lend even the money, probably also very suspicious. However, there are some financial institutions from abroad – mainly from Switzerland – who campaign offensively with a loan without evidence. But even these financial institutions can hedge the easy repayment in other ways or are very expensive.